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By | December 4, 2018

I recently upgraded my old 9.7 iPad Pro to the new 11 in iPad Pro.  I do the majority of my “consumption” activity on the iPad which is how most of us spend the majority of our computing time.  The portable form factor, the all-day battery life, the fact it is always connected as I have the LTE model with T-Mobile service makes this the device that just works very well.  I have been doing presentations with the iPad for years as you just plug it in to HDMI or even VGA and you never have the issues you sometimes have with laptops, you put on do not disturb mode and everything just works.  Driving presentations through WebEx works equally well on the device.

Some opportunities for improvement are mostly around the applications. M.S. office still has some gaps on the iPad editions of the basic software including Word, Excel and PowerPoint but having “creation” take place on a laptop is acceptable.  The new Apple Smart Keyboard does not seem to have the same feel that I had with the Logitech Create that I had with the 9.7 iPad but I hope to get used to it.  I to maintain a file of “things I can’t do on the iPad” with a small list so far.  Lastly this is not an inexpensive device.  The LTE model, with 512G of storage and the Smart Keyboard was over $1500!  For that price it should be a capable platform.

Overall, this is and will remain my go-to computing device.

BTW, this blog post including the import of the media is being done on my iPad through the Chrome browser.

New 11in. iPad Pro

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